A People’s History of the Holocaust and Genocide

Thenand Now
Marching Out to Work

Once the columns were formed, there was a long wait. Thousands of women taking time going out, five by five, counted as they pass. Passing through the gate made us tighten.”*

Auschwitz, Then and Now with art by four artist/survivors of Auschwitz.

Yehuda Bauer - why study the Holocaust?
Yehuda Bauer, Holocaust researcher

Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 Why study the Holocaust? The key is not in answering, but to keep asking the question. Remember.org helps teachers and students find the best resources on the Internet,(video here) and connect them through stories of survival.
“I think it’s quite clear; the Holocaust has become a code concept for human behavior. So in that sense it is a constant warning.” Yehuda Bauer

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Education Education: History, Lesson Plans, and Resources Learn the facts through lesson plans, research and timelines, including our Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust.

Books by SurvivorsBooks by Survivors

Listen to survivors through books. Including Courage Under Siege and many others with extensive excerpts and photos available online.
Education Witnesses Survivors, rescuers, liberators,and others share their stories. Complete online books include, The Soapmaker, Childhood in Times of War and more. Featuring liberator testimonies and remembering the non-jewish victims.

Florence Grende The Butchers Daughter

Florence Grende – The Butcher’s Daughter: a Memoir Excerpt

Read a long excerpt from the book below. ABOUT Florence Grende The Butcher’s Daughter In The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir, Florence Grende shares her Jewish family’s journey of surviving Hitler’s Europe in the forests of Poland, and offers a glimpse into her father’s partisan activities there. Her story is framed by her coming of age […]


A Tale of Terezin: A Preface to “Legacies, Lies and Lullabies – The World of a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor” by Esther Vivien Levy.

Update: Originally published April 2013, with larger photos included. A Tale of Terezin is a tale of my mother’s most tragic and challenging time of her life, a story recited to me many times throughout my early years and frequently embellished by the detailed accounts of her parents’ memories.   These beloved relatives are all gone […]


Theresienstadt film explained – Learn from the Nazi propaganda film „Terezin: A Documentary Film from the Jewish Settlement Area

The Nazi propaganda film „Terezin: A Documentary Film from the Jewish Settlement Area“ (1944) is the only cinematic document about a concentration camp. The aim of the project is to open up the film as a commented educational resource. By augmenting the film with geographic, bibliographic and meta-information we want to foster a deeper understanding about the personal stories of the cast members and how they got instrumented by the Nazis.


The Holocaust history is about life and survival,
not Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

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Harold Gordon: Put Hate on Hold
Holocaust Survivor