Adolfo Kaminsky

Adolfo Kaminsky 1944

Do you know Survivors from France possibly saved by Adolfo Kaminsky and his work? helps teachers and students find the best resources on the Internet, (celebrating its 20 year anniversary with a video) and connect them through stories of survival.



Special Exhibits by Alan Jacobs

Auschwitz, Then and Now with art by four artist/survivors of Auschwitz.

Art by 6th Graders: The Imagine Art Gallery
Student Art about the Holocaust


Explore at
Virtual Tour of Auschwitz
Adobe Awards for Social Change in Media for: The Virtual Tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau by Alan Jacobs and Krysia Jacobs, and the Museum at Auschwitz


Featured Holocaust Stories



Nordhausen Liberation Photos by VII Corps Soldier shares art, discussion, photos, poems, and facts to preserve powerful memories, like A Survivor’s Prayer to millions of visitors since 1994.

Research and Education Exhibits
Education Education: History, Lesson Plans, and Resources
Learn the facts through lesson plans, research and timelines, including our Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust.

Books by SurvivorsBooks by Survivors

Listen to survivors through books. Including Courage Under Siege and many others with extensive excerpts and photos available online.

Education Witnesses

Survivors, rescuers, liberators,and others share their stories. Complete online books include, The Soapmaker, Childhood in Times of War and more. Featuring liberator testimonies and remembering the non-jewish victims.

  Remember Chuck Ferree? we do.


The Holocaust history is about life and survival, not Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.