Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023.

In the spirit of sharing what we’ve been doing for 28 years now.

Here’s a tribute to some friends who’s optimism, belief in people, and hope will stun you.

This year my long time friend and artist Alan “Jake” Jacobs passed away. We worked together for 25 years, his photos inspiring generations of students.
Also in memory of the many women who’s roles in saving people from the Holocaust. Their survival stories and role in keeping the history alive is often buried by male dominated history.
Lise Borsom of the White Bus Rescue is one I’ve discovered this year. Someone who battled tyranny and risked her life not just during WWII, but in other essential activism.
Her story below, because Holocaust history is her story…and many others.


Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023 Video

Recognizing Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023 with a selection of people:

Remember.org remembers friends of our community.

Holocaust Survivors, people who helped rescue others during the Holocaust, and the White Bus Rescue.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Virtual Tour

Auschwitz/Birkenau Photographs by Alan Jacobs

Auschwitz poem by Professor G. Stendig-Lindberg

Visit the Lindbergh Peace Foundation and read their poetry.

Abe’s Story – A Holocaust Memoir | Abram Korn from Lipno, Poland

Red Cross White Bus Rescue – 10 Gifts

Lise Borsum – Gift #4 from Norway – Swedish Red Cross White Bus Rescue

Anita Kempler Lobel – Gift #1 from Krakow, Poland

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023 is important in the face of rising anti-semitism today.

Recently a friend shared confusion as to this Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023. Why is it such a big deal – it’s the day the Auschwitz camp was liberated.
Listen to my friend Joey Korn share his father’s story of survival.
Hear the story of possibility, of not treating people as enemies, and of thriving based on family, faith, and simply working to make things better.
Looking around at anti-semitism rising, I shared with her that I’d love for Remember.org to not be relevant.
In recent years even more people are trying to understand in a social media world.
Where the words Holocaust and Hitler have been appropriated to validate anyone’s belief.
When those words come up you know the conversation is lost.

Then the events in Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023, when 7 were killed.

I do wish the 2 state solution in Israel might come to pass (yes I’m a dreamer).

Meanwhile Jewish centers of learning and synagogues have armed guards.

Outside their doors through out the US, and in many places around the world.

Remembering helps to understand things today. That understanding has to come not by using past events as an explanation or validation.
Each is a unique event and in our hearts, lots of people hate.
Part of why I do what I do is sharing stories of survival, rescue, and life.
Because last I heard Hitler lost and the Jewish people survived and rose out of the Holocaust.
If you could sit down with survivors and 2nd gen like I have, you’d find hope and inspiration, not history repeats itself blah blah blah.
It is so important to remember, and for us all to take a step forward into love, into our hearts. Away from the fear anger and hatred that dominates the headlines, but to me doesn’t dominate people.

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023 is where we remember the Holocaust and keep vigilant to stop these types of events from happening today.