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Then and Now - Auschwitz Paintings by Survivors

Then and Now | Auschwitz Paintings by Survivors and Recent Photos

Credits Auschwitz Paintings by Survivors - Part 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 This exhibit contrasts contemporary photographs of these...

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Terror Háza Múzeum
David Dalka of Fearless Revival wrote this article about his 2010 visit to the House of Terror Museum in Budapest, Hungary. Original Photo by Sam Whitfield  and Creative Commons License Internet Hungary 2010 conference organizers invited me to be the business keynote speaker. Part of my honorarium was a three day guided tour of...
Florence Grende The Butchers Daughter
Read a long excerpt from the book below. ABOUT Florence Grende The Butcher's Daughter In The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir, Florence Grende shares her Jewish family’s journey of surviving Hitler’s Europe in the forests of Poland, and offers a glimpse into her father’s partisan activities there. Her story is framed by...
Selfhelp services for Holocaust survivors
"Holocaust survivors are growing older and frailer and their needs are more complex than ever before. In addition to the myriad problems associated with 'normal aging', many survivors have numerous physical and psychological problems directly attributable to their experiences during the Holocaust. Prolonged periods of starvation and exposure to unspeakable...
holocaust history from hitler to Michael Berenbaum content
More than a hundred articles comprise Britannica’s coverage of the Holocaust — including information that ranges from the rise of Hitler and the meaning of the swastika to a survey of the camps and the Holocaust in art and memory — and many of the entries have been written by renowned scholar and author Dr. Michael Berenbaum, the former director of the Holocaust Research Institute at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Britannica’s coverage includes biographies, essays, photographs, and videos as well as discussion prompts appropriate for the classroom.
Babi Yar - Union-Blatter der Emigration
"I have a couple of project into which I have poured many hours over the years and which I would love to bring to be available to the world. 1. Babi Yar Babi Yar was the infamous killing valley in World War 2 where so many died undocumented.
Elly Rodrigues
The Holocaust Story of Elly Rodrigues and her Dutch Rescuers “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers   Preface Anne Frank has been described as...
Holocaust survivor Tamara Deuel
Holocaust Survivor Tamara Deuel Questions and Answers With Students INTERVIEWS  See Paintings by Tamara Deuel View paintings by Tamara Deuel My Story I am one of the survivors of the hell in Europe. I went through the Holocaust as a child. I was born in Kovno, Lithuania and had a normal and beautiful childhood. The...
Abe's Story Yahrzeit
Today is the day of the Abe's Story Yahrzeit, and on this day I'll share a story of friendship and hope developed over 23 years. If you visit Remember.org and wonder who the gentleman in our logo is, that's Abram Korn from Abe's Story (the book is even in the...
Allach Liberation
|| Return to How Dark the Heavens || November 1944 to Allach Liberation on April 30, 1945 This material, copyright 1990 by Sidney Iwens, is excerpted from his prize-winning book "How Dark the Heavens".  This conclusion includes the Allach Liberation, a sub camp of Dachau where Sidney was located at the end of...

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