From Joseph Goebbels Diaries “Propaganda has only one object – to conquer the masses.”

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From Joseph Goebbels Diaries

(Quoted in “The Goebbels Diaries” Doubleday, 1948 – Louis P. Lochner, Editor. Copyright 1948 by the Fireside Press, Inc. The publishers note that the materials used in the book would be deposited with the Hoover Library at Stanford University to encourage further study.)

Joseph Goebbels Diaries
Joseph Goebbels reading between 2 officials.

Propaganda has only one object – to conquer the masses. Every means that furthers this aim is good; every means that hinders it is bad.

In all the world, he said, the Jews are alike. Whether they live in a ghetto of the East or in the bankers’ palaces of the City or Wall Street, they will always pursue the same aims and without previous agreement even use the same means. One might well ask why are there any Jews in the world order?

That would be exactly like asking why are there potato bugs? Nature is dominated by the law of struggle. There will always be parasites who will spur this struggle on and intensify the process of selection between the strong and the weak. The principle of struggle dominates also in human life.

One must merely know the laws of this struggle to be able to face it. The intellectual does not have the natural means of resisting the Jewish peril because his instincts have been badly blunted. Because of this fact the nations with a high standard of civilization are exposed to this peril first and foremost.

In nature life always takes measures against parasites; in the life of nations that is not always the case. From this fact the Jewish peril actually stems. There is therefore no other recourse left for modern nations except to exterminate the Jew….”


Joseph Goebbels Diaries


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