Holocaust Survivors – Testimonies and interviews

Below are longer interviews and insights from Holocaust survivors all over the world, from Europe to China and the Philippines.

Surviving in Shanghai

Walter Frank InterviewWalter Frank Holocaust Survivor

Gabor Hirsch, a survivor, asks for your help in finding other survivors

Birkenau Survivor Gabor Hirsch



Alexander Kimel’s, I Cannot Forget

Alexander Kimel Holocaust Poem


Alfredo Vorshirm

Alfredo Vorshirm
Alfredo F.Vorshirm was the author of From Swastikas to Palm Trees (1991) and De la Esvastica a la Palmita (1993). Alfredo Vorshirm died in 2001.


Harold Gordon from Grodno, Poland

Holocaust survivors - Harold GordonClick to open survivor Harold Gordon’s video



Tamara, a Survivor


  • Jacque Lipetz shares his story: “Looking back, this occupation was benign compared to the horrors of the Nazis, but what loss of freedom is benign? What security lies in not knowing if there will be a tomorrow.”


Camp Föhrenwald map
Map of DP Camp Föhrenwald, as illustrated by the United States Army after it was taken into use.


Theresienstadt ghetto
Artwork from the Theresienstadt ghetto

Judith Jagermann was a Holocaust survivor from Karlsbad. When 11, her entire family was deported. she and her sister were sent to an orphanage while her parents were sent to concentration camps. Judith and her mother were tortured for years at Auschwitz before being liberated by the British.

A Survivor’s Prayer by Malka B.

Malka B
My Twin Sisters painting by Malka B.
My parents were originally from a small town near the larger city of Lodz, in Poland. They came to live in Paris right after their marriage in 1930, and I was born there in August of 1931. Ours was a large family.

A poem, “In August of 1942” by Janine Oberrotman

Janine Oberrotman
Janine Oberrotman

Help for Holocaust Survivors in New York?




Allach Liberation

How Dark the Heavens by Sidney Iwens
Lubaczow Partisans

Keep Yelling!
A Polish Partisan Testimony

"He was at last able to summons the painful memories of those tragic events he lived through from 1939 to the end of 1944 — the day he finally exclaimed ‘I am free!’. ."

Jacques Lipetz and the story related to the Jewish Refugee Committee of Manila (JRC)

"The Jewish colony in Manila was a mixture of German Jews who hailed largely from Breslau and Frankfurt, a variety of other European Jews from Eastern Europe mainly, a number of Sephards from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and us."

Jacque Lipetz

Listen and Learn

Books by Survivors

Romanian Survivor

A Holocaust Survivor’s Poetry

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