poem by Professor G. Stendig-Lindberg

Auschwitz poem by Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg

This Auschwitz poem is by my Mother, Professor G. Stendig-lindberg, who went through hellish conditions in WWII; from Krakow Ghetto to labor and concentration camp Plaszow, to Auschwitz, and then to Bergen Belsen.

During her imprisonment in the concentration camps, she wrote poetry, and my grandmother Felicia taught her Mathematics and English to make her focus on productive things and keep an agile mind.

The poetry became a way for my Mother to endure the horrible conditions, and to share the emotional suffering, into words of expression.

Stendig-Lindberg-Infeld-Kahane: The Family Story


Ash-red the burning sky

the cannons of chimneys

spit out souls


Here come you who want to warm

your hands in the hell of fire

partake in crime made legal

beyond all record

of man’s violence


Here come you, abjectly cowed

able to turn a deaf ear

to the cry – the children’s cry

in this low building

where murder is industry


A civilized people

outdo the Genghis Khan

outrank the hordes of Huns

thus seal their doom


Put a white sheet of silence

over the low building

hang a veil over the burning sky

hush the cry of terror


Cut out this unbelievable

from the heart of memory

too much for human eye or ear

too much for human soul to bear


Earth never knew such crime

Free us from a witness’s burden

Such sorrow is God’s to bewail


I saw Him cry.

Sweden, 1956

© Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg

Along with the Auschwitz poem here is another poem,  Life, by her daughter, Miriam.

Auschwitz poem includes another poem, Life by Miriam Lindberg
Life – a poem by Miriam Lindbergh, daughter of Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg

And one more poem by Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg



I seek you in the shadowed valley of pain

the sockets of my sorrow hollowed eyes

telescoped through the thicket

of the dark, where tears guard silence;

spiky stalactites of salt solidified,

in prismic facets of the void

which took you to its own

dissolved the contour and the form

I knew by love.


Maybe you found peace there

and I disturb you and alarm,

selfish with the longing of a child

call you, see you as you were, stately,


young, copper-haired, your hands so white –

that in relief, the blue of veins

like trees on silk – warm, smooth,

remembered on my cheek.


No hand, as yours, could soothe in terror’s hour.


Pining for its touch on my burning head

I clutch the pillar of your wisdom.

And it stays.

* Felicia Stendig, dead, Bergen-Belsen, May 2nd, 1945

© Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg


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