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Forever Alert German Child Survivors in Action author Phillip Sonntag shares:

As children, we survived the Holocaust. Now, at over 80 or even 90 years-old, we still see challenges and chances, and we still remain alert.

In 2001, we founded our association CSD (Child Survivors Deutschland). We developed a unique compassion for each other. Read More

Forever Alert - German Child Survivors by Philipp Sontag

Do you know survivors from France, who may have been saved by Adolfo Kaminsky and his work?

Selfhelp services for Holocaust survivors in New York?


Children of Holocaust Survivors

Children of Holocaust Survivors
Esther Levy, author of A Tale of Terezin: A Preface to “Legacies, Lies and Lullabies – The World of a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor” meeting Ela-Weissberger and Marta Fried.
  • There are at least 250,000 children of survivors alive in America today, and another 300,000 in Israel. Most in America live in larger cities with higher concentrations of Jewish people.
  • I live in a fairly small city, and my father was the only survivor in the area. My brother, my sister, and I are the only local children of survivors. I have long wanted to meet others, but distance separated us. The Internet changes all that. I am now hearing from other children of survivors from all over the world.


  • We are getting older now and our roles in society are changing. Our parents, if they are still alive, are being prodded more than ever to talk about their experiences, some for the first time in their lives, due to the popularity of Schindler’s List, Spielberg’s “Survivors of the Shoah” project, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.



Gary Mokotoff; Paperback – Finally! A How-To Book on Holocaust Research.


  • It identifies the principal sources of information about Holocaust victims and survivors, identifies the major repositories in the world that have this information and tells how to contact them. This book takes you step-by-step through the process for locating information about the fate of people caught up in the Holocaust. Towns with published Yizkor books are identified. There is a list of more than 4,000 towns for which there is documentation at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the principal repository of Holocaust information. 7″ x 9″ 208 pp.


    1. “As a Jew, I feel that the “revisionists” (or deniers) could have an influence on future generations with their propaganda. Steven Spielberg has done wonders with his time and energy to help get the messages out there. My family did not have to first hand endure the tortures of the Holocaust, however, I remember the stories my grandfather told of Bolshevik Russia, and why they left early this century. Anyway, I plan to point to some pertinent sites (from my own Web page), and let me know if there are others things to do….”

    2. “I am just making contact to acknowledge the work you are doing. My parents are from Poland, and were both in camp. I think about how it was for them a lot, and read as much as I can, as well as hear their stories.I am now 43, and think about what/how to talk to my children of 7, 9 and 11 years, so that the no one – no matter how many generations into the future – no one forgets. Good luck with the project…..(from Australia…)”

    Joey’s Suggestion for Children of Holocaust Survivors

    There are only about 300,000 survivors left, according to Spielberg, the youngest of which are in their 60’s. They will be all but gone in the next 20 years or so. People who set up survivor talks at schools and elsewhere are having a progressively harder time getting survivors to speak. Even the most committed are getting too tired to continue, such as Harold (ed. note: Harold Gordon, survivor and author of The Last Sunrise). I am setting an example to other descendants of survivors, and liberators for that matter, by publishing Dad’s book,Abe’s Story: A Holocaust Memoir, and doing my work to see that the world remembers the Holocaust.

    I feel it is part of my Purpose to convince other descendants to document their survivor family members’ stories, whether it is in a book, in a computer, or a simple home video. Practically everyone wants to know about their family heritage, but most of us don’t realize how important it is until our parents and grandparents are gone. This goes for everyone, not just survivor families. I know there are many unpublished manuscripts out there, written by survivors. Many others can still get their stories down on paper. With self-publishing as easy as it is today, everyone can publish their own stories, even if just for their families.  I encourage everyone to do this.

Recommended Readings:

Florence Grende - The Butchers Daughter


Excerpt from The Butcher’s Daughter

In The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir, Florence Grende shares her Jewish family’s journey of surviving Hitler’s Europe in the forests of Poland, and offers a glimpse into her father’s partisan activities there.






Memorial Candles : Children of the Holocaust

(International Library of Group Psychotherapy)

by Dina Wardi

Paperback, 270 pages

You can order the book right now, online; just click here. Published by Tavistock: Publication date: June 1992, ISBN: 0415060990

The Last Witness : The Child Survivor of the Holocaust;

Judith S. Kestenberg, Ira Brenner; Hardcover (Special Order) Published by American Psychiatric Press, Publication date: May 1996.

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