Imagine Art Gallery – Holocaust Student Projects, Survivors, and Artists

A place to explore the Holocaust through Holocaust Student Projects.

Remember the Past,  Imagine the Future


An exploration into genocide by a group of sixth grade students.

This has become a permanent show, due to the efforts of teacher, Anne Williams. She challenges her classes to creatively learn history. Their art and poetry bring a vision that adults often don’t see.




  • I Think…features feedback from a class learning about the Holocaust.



  • Genericide A play exploring history, memory, a survivor, and the ways we look at ourselves. Written, produced, and directed by the founder of this site.


Featured Exhibit

Geoffrey Laurence: The Holocaust Series

  • New Art: “To find a lexicon that for me has truth and, above all meaning, in relation to this historical tragedy continues to be my utmost desire. It is a journey through a dark landscape that I am still traveling.”

Paintings & Drawings,

of life in the camps by Survivor Jan Komski


  Holocaust Paintings by Survivor Tamara Deuel

  • Each custom welded steel frame implements various objects or modifications which provide additional impact to its respective photograph.
  • The series had a successful exhibit at Northern Arizona University at the Martin-Springer Institute for Teaching the Holocaust, Tolerance, and Humanitarian Values, and was hosted by institute founder Doris Springer, a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp.


The “graphic” images/descriptions may not be suitable for sensitive and younger viewers.

Holocaust Student Projects


The Doctors of the Holocaust

  • Chiune Sugihara
  • Oskar Schindler
  • Raoul Wallenberg
  • The Forgotten Holocaust
  • Hitler’s Henchmen
  • Medical Experiments


The Stories are Fictional, The Learning is Real




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