Holocaust Poetry by Jeremy Hobbs

If Rome Should Fall:
Holocaust Poetry by Jeremy Hobbs

My name is Jeremy Hobbs and I am fourteen years old. This page of poetry is a special tribute to those lost in the Holocaust and the survivors that lived to tell their story. It is poetry I wrote as a result of very vivid Holocaust dreams and is by no means the result of my own writing abilities.

It seems that those lost were constant reminders as I wrote these poems in a hope to understand my dreams and the messages they contained. I would like to thank Michael Dunn for his generosity and Mr. Joey Korn for his help, guidance, and inspiration.


“…the wretched refugees in search of something better, of something worth living for, other than the hope of another day.”


“A cry during the moral battle before the fall, a cry of hope from the blackened soul of the persecutor.”


“He sits upon the green hills of Rome, he sees its horror and the pain that take place behind its gates of wire.”


“To this I am only an observer, for I am young, and have not seen the evil that was done under the sun in Rome.”



What is Rome and why do I use it so much in my poetry? It is an allusion for
Europe during the Holocaust and is a direct result of my first dream about the
Holocaust. To understand my poetry, please follow the link above.