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Scenes and Imagination

Holocaust Student Art Project

An exploration into genocide by a group of sixth grade students.

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Again these are large images so prepare to waita little when you load them. It’s worth the wait.


Hanging In

Artist: David Parks
A universal image in a unique situation. © 1994



Artist: Sanaya Wortham
Holding on. © 1992




Artist: Nata Oscamou
Intertwined and devastating. © 1994



Look Out!


Artist: Kevin PeppasA vision floating and frightening. © 1993


My Camp

Artist: Matt Petyo
A surrealistic camp. © 1992


A Camp in the Woods

Artist: Julie Kemp
Buchenwald was a camp in the woods. © 1992


The Fence

Artist: Reed Turner
A barrier to history. © 1992



What is Free?

Artist: Cira Coleman
A soldier, a piece of metal, and a distant fence. © 1994



Red Wall to the Camp

Artist: Anonymous
Between us and the camps, a red wall..



Before the Storm

Artist: Rex Heaton
Can you see it coming? © 1992


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