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Room 1 Featuring:

Children’s Art about the Holocaust

An exploration into genocide by a group of sixth grade students.

This has become a permanent show, due to the efforts of one teacher.

The inspiration behind this art is a teacher, Anne Williams. She challenges herclasses to use imagination instead of explanation, to use their creativity as aresponse to history. The results have focused on a topic she shares with hersixth grade students: the Holocaust. Their art and poetry bring a vision thatadults often don’t see. We hope you enjoy it.

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These are large images so prepare to wait alittle when you load them. It’s worth the wait.


Survival is the heart of the symbol. &copy 1993



And counting. &copy 1993

Poem: hope

Artist: Anne Goodsell



Artist: Annamarie Cavadi
On their way. &copy 1993

Poem: Birdsong



Warning: Bigfile, 300K

Don’t look behind. &copy 1994

Past and Future Dream

Alone in a bigroom. &copy 1994

Poem: Past and FutureDream

Artist: Laurie Schofield



Artist: SophieDilenscheid
Dreaming of something else. &copy 1992


Hopes and Dreams

Artist: TiffaniCampbell
Looking out. &copy 1994


Is It My Turn

Artist: SheilaLefebvre
And where can I turn to if it’s my turn. &copy 1994


Bottomless Pit ofTime

Artist: Jessica Dalton
Survival is theheart of the symbol. &copy 1993

Poem: Bottomless Pitof Time



Artist: Jason Hornbuckle
Can you see the real me. &copy 1994

Poem: Invisible


Lonely Cries

Artist: GemmaLechlinski
Cameo. &copy 1994

Poem: LonelyCries

Eye in the Sky

Artist: April Hooper
Someone is looking down on you. &copy1991

Wall of Heads

Artist: Anonymous
The walls have eyes. &copy 1991



Artist: Andy Horstmann
Someone is lookingdown on you. &copy 1994


A Child of the Holocaust

There is nothing to loadhere. This is the picture of a child that didn’t survive. Courtesy of theChildren’s Memorial, Yad Vashem.
This project is dedicated to the memory ofthe children.
&copy 1994

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Birdsong Back He doesn’t know the world at all nor what to sing about, I do but does it matter? I feel trapped here my love for all things vanish trapped beyond reality and a nightmare. I know I’d open my heart to beauty and go into the woods Someday. I hope that one day I will realize how wonderful it is to be alive.

hope Back
I see the gray and brown of the barracks. Mama stands in the doorway of Barrack 19, our barrack. Her voice calls out to me, I can hear her faintly. Far across the camp, the camp Terezin. A camp that is lonely and desolate, Yet I feel in my soul that someday, sometime, there will be beauty in Terezin. Beauty of smiles and joyful tears, beauty of freedom. I turn my face toward a better day, a day of hope. Today can be a day of hope, it isn’t hard for me to imagine. Mama doesn’t imagine, she is too worried. As I run toward her, run toward Barrack 19, I hear behind me the sound of army vehicles, German vehicles. Soon, our turn will come. Our turn to be taken to another camp, taken to Auschwitz.I reach Barrack 19, I reach my home. Mama’s arms encircle me, full of warmth and sadness. Everything will be alright. Everything will be alright.

Past and Future Dream Back
I live dream by dream Dreaming of the past For the past Cannnot hurt me And the future holds hope Fears And disappointments Even death! But when I do dream Of the future The soldiers know Death knows It comes for me.
Laurie Schofield

Bottomless Pit of Time Back
I see death scared to see Bottomless Pit of time After dusk-death Embraces all who Walk the Streets Healing wounds Fall upon my soul What number am I?
Jessica Dalton

Invisible Back
Waiting for freedom Freedom the word rolls over my tongue Can’t they hear my silent screams Here in the belly of the wolf Cursed with this label Jew Open up Lilith’s cave I am that brave To be free my pride my soul striped away Painful yes, don’t they see.
Jason Hornbuckle

Lonely Cries Back
The pain the sorrow The endless cries The scattered dreams I think to myself When will it end? Everyday the same. Shots from the soldiers Another lonely cry Another death.
Gemma Lechlinski

I cry but no one hear’s me I live in fear alone I’m scared I don’t know if I’ll live to see tomorrow and if I do I’ll thank God for it. When I wake up from thishorrible dream I will live in freedom. Maybe I’ll be in heaven but anywhere isheaven to me now I see dark shadows moving across at night if this is life thanits not worth living.
Rachel Kruger

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