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Remember Poem
For Younger Readers

Books by Ina Friedman

  Flying Against the Wind,
  The Story of a Young
  Woman Who Defied the

  The Other Victims;
  First Person Stories
  of Non-Jews Persecuted
  by the Nazis

  Escape or Die
  True Stories of Young
  People Who Survived
  the Holocaust

Art by Survivors

  Paintings & Drawings,
  of life in the camps
  by Survivor Jan Komski

  Holocaust Paintings by
  Survivor Tamara Deuel

Photos of the Camps Today

  Birkenau & Mauthausen
  Virtual Tour

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This "cyte"
founded April 25, 1995. Created by
Cybrary Community.

Imagine Art Gallery - Expressions from Students, Survivors, and Artists

A place for all to express themselves through art and poetry, share ideas, and help others learn. Here, we encourage you to remember the past and imagine the future.

Remember the Past,
Imagine the Future


An exploration into genocide by a group of sixth grade students.

This has become a permanent show, due to the efforts of teacher, Anne Williams. She challenges her classes to creatively learn history. Their art and poetry bring a vision that adults often don't see.

  • If Rome Should Fall Holocaust Poetry by Jeremy Hobbs.

  • New! Holocaust Poetry and Paintings by the Kyle School class (Troy, Ohio)

  • New! I Think...features feedback from a class learning about the Holocaust.

  • Not To Be Forgotten-A Holocaust Page
    Elisa Haugh wrote this at twelve years of age and created this page; a powerful statement.

  • Genericide
    A play exploring history, memory, a survivor, and the ways we look at ourselves. Written, produced, and directed by the WebMaster of this site.

  • tell him that I...Women Writing the Holocaust, a thesis by Catherine Bernard.
  • Plus: Explore at
    Featured Exhibit: Geoffrey Laurence: The Holocaust Series

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