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Contact: Chad Phillips, cphilli8@purdue.edu:

Thoughts from North Montgomery HS, Indiana, US

My name is Chad Phillips and I am a Social Studies Education major at PurdueUniversity. I recently had the tremendous opportunity to teach a lesson onthe Holocaust and resistance to it to a local high school history class. Thestudents were extremely receptive to the idea of learning more about theHolocaust and asked very good questions following the presentation. I askedthem to write down some of their thoughts about the Holocaust, learningabout it, and the resistance to it. I was proud of the responses and wouldlike to share them with you.

  • I think it is important for our generation and other generations to come to learn about the Holocaust so that it never happens again! Even though today we are still dealing with discrimination, conditions are improving. I think seeing information on the Holocaust would open the eyes of some people who take advantage of or discriminate against people because of their skin color or their religious beliefs. Some people today could be considered “resisters” to discrimination, like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.—-Natasha
  • …too many people died for senseless reasons.—-Jeremy
  • …the Holocaust was a terrible time. I don’t understand why Nazis killed people because of who they were. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean they should be killed. Everyone should have their freedom…—-Derrick
  • I never knew that so many people were involved…I couldn’t believe that the U.S. only used 10% of their Jewish (importation) quota during the Holocaust.—-Chad F.
  • …the resisters were brave and stood up for their beliefs…the Holocaust should not be forgotten because it will happen again…look at the situation in Bosnia…Holocaust survivors should not just be remembered, but ALWAYS taught in schools.—-Amanda
  • …it is hard to imagine that many people being killed.—-Brian
  • …a very sad time in life…more education will help people understand it and prevent it from happening again.—-Jerod
  • It makes me fell terrible that people can do such vicious, evil things…I hope people will remember and teaching about it continues in schools…—-Anonymous
  • …the Holocaust ruined families, friends, and loved ones. Some people faught for their freedom.—-Shannon
  • …the Holocaust was terrible…I wish it never would have happened.—-Amy B.
  • I think we should remember what happened and not make the same mistake again. I think that racism is one of the most immature personalities a person can have…—-Anonymous
  • …I think it gives you a better understanding of what Jews had to go through—-Staci C.
  • The Holocaust shows how ignorant and prejudiced people can be and we should study it so that nothing similar will happen again and to decrease the prejudice thinking today.—-Anonymous
  • It would be interesting to learn why things happened the way that they did.—-Anonymous
  • If we would have intervened (earlier) it could have saved many lives.—-Anonymous
  • …no one really knows what was going on.—-Anonymous
  • …it was a tragic event, I would really like to study this topic further.—-Ed
  • There was no need for so many people to die.—-Garritt
  • I ask myself a question: What made Hitler hate the Jews?—-Aaron E.
  • We always seem to hear about the deaths and the merciless killing. It was nice to hear about the Jews fighting back.—-Kevin F.

    I would like to thank the students at NorthMont, Mr. Early, Piper Stankard,and Dr. Timothy Newby for making this project a success!

    Thanks to Chad Phillips for sharing this. Cybrary of the Holocaust

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