Holocaust Student Poetry – “Flame”, a poem by Eric Lashner

Hi! My name is Eric Lashner and I am a 14 year old Jewish 8th grader in PA.

I saw that you could donate poems. I was studying the Holocaust and I had to write a report for school and this poem came to me. Eric Lashner



Holocaust Student Poetry



A Black deeper than night
Sweeping, ravaging
An innocent race
Already pursued
Scapegoats- innocent in all waysNight comes
Devoirs hopes and Dreams
Day looks the other way
Ignorance, deceit
Night deepens
The Flame flickersLife on edge
The wind gusts its chilling horror
People against people
Night seems to have succeeded

Life and again stripped
Again, again
Human spirit tries to remain
As the last minutes fall upon us

The flame burns
Stamped out
Left for dead

Orange yellow, brown, black
Black, black,

A flame is extinguished
Snuffed out
Blown out in the wind
Never Seen

We must remember
Never forget
Hope is left

Burn once again
Burn fame burn
Grow and learn

One tiny flame
One small voice
One giant love

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