The Origin Story of Podcast – Holocaust History Project focusing on Life is one of the most successful educational sites on the Internet reaching many people since 1995 from every corner of the planet. This video is the story of how we began, how you can help, and most importantly, recognizing the contributions of our community that is now 23 years old.

This project began as a Master’s Project, with a CD-ROM, play, and year long commemoration held at California State University in Chico.

We are a group of contributors for a 501(c)3 non-profit run by Joseph Korn, dedicated to Holocaust education. We combine a tech team in California, and the prolific photography and insights of Alan Jacobs and Krysia Jacobs,  the most viewed content at over the years.

Holocaust History Project

20 Year Anniversary of in 2015

Alan Jacobs’ continuing work with Auschwitz Museum led to a joint project in 2004, completed in 2009, funded by and powered by his photography. This helped Auschwitz Museum go online with valuable content, a cooperative learning approach that is central to and its many contributors.

Adobe also awarded this site the Social Impact in Media Award, against hundreds of traditional schools. We are honored to be part of the bridge between schools and the Internet, by providing content and a helping hand in when researching the Holocaust.

The goal here is to remember the stories of survival, of liberation, and of hope.

And with the rapid growth of new resources online, we are responding to requests from teachers and students to help organize all this information. We are looking for help from teachers and students, who can volunteer and update on the site, or simply send us their questions, their educational curriculums, so we can weave content around their specific questions.

The result will be a reviewed directory of sites for students and teachers of all ages. Please let us know your favorite sites, and subjects, and we’ll see if we can include them. shares stories of survival and liberation, providing trusted resources for teachers sending students out on the Internet to find facts about the Holocaust.

As you can see, is about hope. A hope for a better future. A hope to end the hatred and begin growing through knowledge. We are a community of contributors, from Holocaust survivors like Harold Gordon, to children of Holocaust Survivors like Joseph Korn, andAlan Jacobs, whose photos of Auschwitz and many other project teach people every day at

On our 20th anniversary we share this video to give you a glimpse on the history and development of this site.