Children of Survivors Web Sites

Children of Survivors Web Sites

The Cybrary also has a Children of Survivors Section.



There is also a groups of child survivors, who would tend to have younger children.  These were more likely displaced children who were shipped out by the parents when given the opportunity.

Once you join a group, you can post an intro of yourself and ask if their are younger children of survivors.

  • Mailing Lists and Forums

I am currently aware of two such mailing lists for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors:

Jewishnet Global Jewish Information Network

Children of Holocaust Survivors Support Groups

  • International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors
    I started two websites for second generation groups. One is a smallsite for a town which had 2,000 Jews in 1932 and has about 50 membersnow. The other group which started 8 years ago and has several hundredmembers in nine countries and is launched through the same URL(