Holocaust Books: Y and Numbers (44070…)

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Y and Numbers (44070…)– Holocaust-related Books, listed alphabetically by title

Click on title to read more about it and order. Years at the Edge of Existence : War Memoirs 1939-1945 (Studies in the Shoah, V. 15); Frank Morgens; Hardcover; $42.50 (Not Yet Published)

Years of Estrangement (Jewish Lives); Erich Leyens, et al; Hardcover; $39.95 (Not Yet Published — On Order)

Yeshiva University, New York (Archives of the Holocaust, Vol 18); Jonathan Helfand; Hardcover; $100.00 (Special Order)

The Yishuv in the Shadow of the Holocaust : Zionist Politics and Rescue Aliya, 1933-1939; Abraham J. Edelheit; Hardcover; $67.50 (Not Yet Published — On Order)

Yossel Rakover Speaks to God : Holocaust Challenges to Religious Faith; Zvi Kolitz; Hardcover; $19.95 (Special Order)

Young People Speak : Surviving the Holocaust in Hungary; Andrew Handler, Susan V. Meschel; School & Library Binding; $18.99

Your Name Is Renee : Ruths Story As a Hidden Child; Stacy Cretzmeyer; Paperback; $11.95 (Special Order)

Your Rod and Your Staff : A Young Man’s Chronicle of Survival; Sinai Adler; Hardcover; $17.95 (Special Order)

The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican : The Croatian Massacre of the Serbs During World War II; Vladimir Dedijer, Harvey L. Kendall; Hardcover; $26.96

44070 : The Conspiracy of the Twentieth Century; Rudolf Vrba; Paperback; $16.95 (Special Order)

‘80629 : A Mengele Experiment; Gene Church; Paperback; $12.95 (Special Order)

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