Holocaust Educational Resources for Students and Teachers

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Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust: What Did He Know?


Holocaust Family Story
From Someone is Watching Over Me
               Complete Memoir by Florence Mayer Lieblich

This section is for teachers to exchange lesson plans, share new ideas, and help students learn. Witness testimonies are available as are interactive maps from survivor Harold Gordon and Abe’s Story

Also visit  the Bookstore featuring over 2000 titles available online. View the art of survivors Jan Komski and Tamara Deuel

Do you know survivors from France, who may have been saved by Adolfo Kaminsky and his work?

Vita Activa – The Spirit of Hannah Arendt

A new documentary about Hannah Arendt, one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century, is available from  Zeitgeist Film’s as a home DVD release.

Holocaust Resources for Students

Resources for Teachers

                       From “Lest We Forget” collection

Interviews with Historians – Full Text

Jan Komski Holocaust Survivor Painting
Jan Komski – Holocaust Survivor Paintings Here

Points of View and Experiences

Help for Holocaust Survivors in New York?