Witnesses to the Holocaust – Survivors and Liberators

Do you know survivors from France, who may have been saved by Adolfo Kaminsky and his work?


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  • Jacque Lipetz shares his story: “Looking back, this occupation was benign compared to the horrors of the Nazis, but what loss of freedom is benign? What security lies in not knowing if there will be a tomorrow.”













Birkenau march







Remember Polish Citizens

  Five Million Forgotten Non-Jewish Victims




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 Adolf Hitler – Study Guide and Facts

Then and Now – Photos and Paintings

Virtual Tour of Auschwitz

Images of the Holocaust

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  • This pamphlet was produced by the US Army after they liberated a concentration camp in Austria called Gunskirchen Lager. The 71st arrived just days before VE day. Many graphic pictures included.
Liberator Testimonies
Debate the Holocaust?

Dan Johnson

Glenn Edward Belcher, Dachau Liberator

Bruce Nickols, Ohrdruf Liberation

Harry J. Herder, Buchenwald Liberation

Felix L. Sparks, We Were There & Dachau Liberation

William Cowling, Report from Dachau

Charles V. Ferree,

Dachau Liberation & Chuck’s Experiences








The Nazis – Perpetrators

A number of documents from the Nazis, letters and speeches.