Witnesses to the Holocaust – Liberators, Resistance, Nazis, and Rescuers

Concentration Camp Liberators

Witnesses to the Holocaust

After the Roundup by Joseph Weisman (3 separate excepts being added)

Forever Alert – German Child Survivors in Action Before 1945 and Beyond by Philipp Sonntag

The Nazis – Perpetrators

A number of documents from the Nazis, letters and speeches.

Josef Mengele German SS officer.

    • Josef Mengele (1911-1979), German SS officer. Photo taken by a police photographer in 1956 in Buenos Aires for Mengele’s Argentine identification document
  • Letters

Letters on Sterilization

Letters on Euthanasia

Killer Vans

Nazi Letters on Execution of Jews

Adolf Hitler speaks at a rally in Berlin in 1933

    • Hitler speaks at a rally in Berlin in 1933
  • Speeches

A “Page of Glory”

Speech by Frank

From Goebbel’s diaries

Himmler speech

Hitler on his plan to exterminate the Jews

Geistig behinderte Kinder (Jungen mit Downs-Syndrom) Youngsters with Down's syndrome

    • Geistig behinderte Kinder (Jungen mit Downs-Syndrom) Youngsters with Down’s syndrome – Heilanstalt Schönbrunn bei Dachau. – SS-Foto, 16.02.1934
  • Victims

T4 Medical Killing Program

“Euthanasia” Estimates

On Gypsies

Gypsies in Auschwitz

Gypsies in Auschwitz – Part 2


A poem, Babi Yar

Remember Polish Citizens

Five Million Forgotten Non-Jewish Victims

  • https://remember.org/forgotten/
  • Liberators

Liberation of Gunskirchen, Austria – May 4, 1945

Gunskirchen Lager

  • This pamphlet was produced by the US Army after they liberated a concentration camp in Austria called Gunskirchen Lager. The 71st arrived just days before VE day. Many graphic pictures included.


  • Liberator Testimonies


  • Resistance

Courage Under Siege, with pictures from the Warsaw Ghetto

Courage under Siege - Warsaw Ghetto


  • Rescuers






    • Asperg, Deportation von Sinti und Roma
      English:Sinti and Roma people (Gypsies) about to be deported by the Nazis. Photograph taken in the German town of Asperg, 22 May 1940

Witnesses to the Holocaust