Holocaust History – Lest We Forget CD -ROM

Holocaust Teaching tool

Lest We Forget: A History of the Holocaust is a powerful testimony to an event in history which cannot be comprehended but must be retold.

This CD-ROM contains rare archival film footage, historical speeches, original music and documentary photographs elicit powerful emotions which writing alone cannot achieve. Combined with an original text which provides a thorough historical perspective, this exceptionally moving and thoughtful work on the subject of the Holocaust is a poignant contribution to a story which must be remembered.

Hitler's Germany
“Hitler’s Germany”
The Holocaust
“The Holocaust”
The Aftermath
“The Aftermath”
This interactive CD-ROM provides countless possibilities for exploration of the subject. The Table of Contents lists the chapters, topics and subtopics which include the following features:

  • 250 pages of original text written specifically for this work
  • historical interactive maps, charts and timeline
  • glossary and hypertext links
  • 65 detailed biographies
  • special overall design and graphics which provide an appropriate environment for the subject
  • subtitled German audio documents and rare film footage
  • original soundtrack
  • narrated video-montages as summaries of the main topics
  • a gallery of 500 photographs with accompanying captions


Distributed by Logos Research Systems, Inc. Lest We Forget – A History of the Holocaust has a retail price of $59.95, is available in most major computer software outlets, and from Logos direct at 1-800-87-LOGOS.