Women and the Holocaust Bibliography

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Women and the Holocaust Bibliography

Judy Cohen, a survivor, asked for more information about women’s experience of the Holocaust. We are looking for more books about this important subject. Judy has suggested the following as well:

“Center for Holocaust Studies” Volume 6, No.4, Spring Issue 1990 – the whole issue is dedicated to “Women of Valor”: Partisans and Resistance Fighters. Historical Background by: Yaffa Eliach.

“I’m still living” by Chava Kwinta, Simon & Pierre Publishing Co.Ltd.Toronto, On.Canada.

“Fragments Of Isabella” by Isabella Leitner, Dell Publishing Co.

“Isabella” from Auschwitz to Freedom, by Isabella and Irving A. Leitner.Anchor Books, Doubleday.

“Auschwitz and After” by Charlotte Delbo. Yale University Press, New Havenand London.

“Anthology of Holocaust Literature”, (contains a number of stories by women).  Edited by J.Glatstein/I Knox/S.Margoshes/ Assoc.Ediotors: M.Bernstein/AdahB. Fogel. A Temple Book: Atheneum, New York.

“A Season for Healing”, reflections on the Holocaust, by Anne Roiphe, SummitBooks, N.Y./ London/ Toronto/ Sydney/ Tokyo

“An Interrupted Life” by Etty Hillesum, Pantheon Books, New York.