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Survivors of the Holocaust
The Study Guide

This television show originally aired January 8, 1996 on TBS. This study guide is for educational use only.

"TBS grants permission to reproduce this guide for educational use. The Study Guide contains ideas that can be discussed before and after viewing the program and includes a timeline of significant events." Complete information can be found on:

Created by: Facing History and Ourselves:
* Introduction. Written to teachers, this brief introduction provides an overview of the program, and an explanation of how to use the study guide.

* Pre-View. Pre-View provides an overview of the ideas that led to the Holocaust and should be discussed with students before viewing the program.

* Post-View. This section consists of short readings and questions that prompt reflection and discussion of issues explored in the documentary and and can be used once students have seen the program.

* Timeline. The timeline highlights significant events before, during, and after the Holocaust along with brief quotations from the documentary.

* Resources. A listing of books and organizations associated with the Holocaust.

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