Auschwitz/Birkenau Photographs by Alan Jacobs

Then and Now - paintings by survivors from experience with photos today of where they remember.

Auschwitz Photos


Auschwitz/Birkenau Roll Call

Roll Call Auschwitz Fence Lamp |  Home {  Auschwitz/Birkenau China Prisoners' wooden shoes at the Auschwitz Museum Archives. They were the source of much pain, suffering and...

Auschwitz/Birkenau The Commandant’s Office

The Commandant's Office < Auschwitz/Birkenau Quarantine Block BIIA | Home > Once Commandant Rudolf Hoess's office. At the time this photograph was taken, this room was occupied by...

Birkenau Photos


Birkenau Guard Tower on the Ramp

Birkenau Guard tower squatting over the unloading ramp at Birkenau, seeming still to cast about its antennae, looking for prey. < Birkenau Ramp Switch | Birkenau...

Birkenau Women’s Barrack BIb (#1)

Birkenau Women's Barrack BIb Barrack consisting of “sixty-two bays each with three ‘roosts’. A roost was originally supposed to hold three prisoners, but Bischoff’s numerology...

Mauthausen Photos


Concentration camp of Mauthausen Photo List

Map |  List of Photos | Credits Mauthausen Photos # Title Description 1 The Stairs of Death Rock staircase at the quarry. 2 The Rock Quarry The rock quarry. 3 The Parachute Jump Top of the rock...

Plus Jan Komski Paintings



Photographs taken in Auschwitz and Birkenau in the years 1979 - 1981.

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