Mauthausen concentration camp gas chamber – To the Gas


(Photo credit: National Archives, USHMM Photo Archives)
There were many different ways to kill prisoners at Mauthausen and at first gassing was not needed. But as more and more prisoners were transported to the camp, it became necessary. The SS even converted a railroad car into a gas chamber that ran between Mauthausen and Gusen, its infamous sub-camp. In the Mauthausen chamber, they could murder 120 people at one time. Witnesses estimate that as many as 10,000 prisoners were gassed in this room between 1942 and 1945.

The “Judas Opening”


A peep hole for the curious, the professional killers, the sadists and the perverse. A place to gloat over the deaths of others; to wield such power, indeed to have such power. Why? To feel above it all, like a brooding Greek god on Mt. Olympus: superior, alive, invulnerable, perhaps even for a few moments, immortal?