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Education…A Legacy ForumThis section of the Cybrary of the Holocaust is for teachers to exchange lesson plans, share new ideas, and help students learn. Witness testimonies are available, as are interactive maps from survivor Harold Gordon and Abe’s Story. Also visit our Online Education Links page and the Cybrary Bookstore featuring over 2000 titles available online. View the art of survivors Jan Komski and Tamara Deuel.

Holocaust Resources for Students:

“This article explores the politics of “reclamation.” Its focus is on pink and black triangles, currently used as symbols for gay and lesbian pride and liberation. Previously, these same identifiers were worn by those destined for annihilation during the Holocaust. I suggest that, in [re]claiming these markers, activists, however well intentioned, run a path dangerously close to historical denial.”

Resources for Teachers:

A play exploring history, memory, a survivor, and the ways we look at
ourselves. Written, produced, and directed by the webmaster of Remember.org.