Cybrary Learning Lab for October 1995

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Online Education

Imagine Peace

Notes from theWebSource

Online Education Begins With You

We’re waiting to hear from you. Feel free to respond on theform below. Also check online education for the Spielberg Project.

Welcome to October at the Cybrary. We’ve just been included in the NetSurf section of Wired, who said the Cybrary “stands alone as a serious and illuminating stop on the Web.” The reason it does is your participation. Last month I talked about how this site has grown around the contributions of the audience. This month, as always, proved this right. Our Links section has grown so much we’ve made it a separate page.

How You Can Help

By being a participant, you can help us fill a few gaps. We get repeated requests for more photos, more research on special topics like resistance, and requests for people looking for information on relatives during the Holocaust. Any assistance is appreciated; if you have materials you can share, we can likely find them a home, or help link to them.

For those seeking answers about what happened to their relatives, Yad Vashem might be a good first stop. They have a database at the Hall of Names, where they can search by name. They will mail you the results. I’ve heard from several visitors that this is a good service. Let me know of any others and I’ll include them.

A Project Needs your Assistance

Here is something you can help a viewer, Jon Bridge (, with:

I am working on a project with the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle on Chuine Sugihara in exhibition form. We are looking for survivors of the Holocaust who benefited from issuance of Japanese transit visas by him in Kovno Lithuania in 1940 and 1941. If any are living the Pacific Northwest or Seattle in particular we would like them to participate in a program involving Seattle’s Asian and Jewish communities. If anyone can assist please E-Mail or call me at (206) 448-8800, ext. 6866.

A Call for Non-English Books on the Holocaust

A visitor wrote asking for bibliographies of books written in languages other than English. He provided the following first step,written by the Swedish Committee againstAntisemitism.

Title: ‘Det eviga hatet’
Written by: V/A
Language: Swedish
Publishers: Bonniers
ISBN: 91-0-055626-2

I’ll do my best to find more titles to the list later on.

Can anyone help us with some more ideas? Fill out the form below.

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Online Education in October

The Spielberg Foundation is also on the Web, with The Multi Media History of the Holocaust, featured in the premiere issue of Storage Management Solutions at:

Physical and spiritual abuse was regular fare in the German concentrationcamps during the Second World War. Now a high-tech monument is beingbuilt; by capturing on video the experience of those who survived, andfound the courage to speak about their experience of the Shoah (theHebrew word for holocaust). The project is sponsored by the Survivors ofthe Shoah Visual History Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg in June1994. You can accessthe full length article of Shoah, The Multi Media History of theHolocaust, as featured in the premiere issue of Storage ManagementSolutions.

Online class! The Holocaust: Foundation, Tragedy, and Aftermath
California State University, Chico’s Continuing Education Department features this classtaught by Professors Sam and Carol Edelman. Athree unit course offered Fall 1995 by California State University, Chico (for either graduate orundergraduate credit). Non-credit enrollment options at a reduced price are also available. Openfor enrollment until November.

Social Studies School Service

From the Social Studies School Service: “We have just developed a web sitewith social studies educators in mind. Part of what we offer is anonline catalog from which individuals can order charts, posters, books,videocassettes, cd-roms, etc for teaching about the holocaust. Pleasecheck us out at”

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The Cybrary Needs you to Weave an Educational Web

Brainstorm with us about education on the Web, your idea for a Web page, orcontacting and working with a survivor who is willing to share an online presencewith students nationwide.

If your browser can’t work with forms, just email

Be sure to fill out the formand press, Let’s Try This, to get in touch with us.

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