Cybrary Learning Lab for July 1995

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Imagine Peace

Notes from the WebMaster

The Cybrary is growing in leaps and bounds due to our viewers. Our review by GNNand support from the public has encouraged us to grow; we will be announcing a newupgrade in August, as well as hopefully getting the CD-ROM out in September. But in the middleof all our work comes an amazing outpouring of sharing, dedicated to learning.

But we’ve received a challenge that educators, teachers, and students should takeadvantage of. Harold Gordon, a survivor and speaker to thousands, wants to share hisexperiences and memories with schools nationwide. Heis looking to arrange interactive online sessions with schools and students interesting in learning about the Holocaust. Understand that this would involvesome brainstorming and patience, as we all learn how the Web works and utilize itto our best advantage. We are looking for a few teachers and/or educators willingto try it out. We would use the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), which affords freechat time from most Web providers, unless there are better ideas. More info will be provided as needed.

That’s why this is a Cybrary, a living library with materials always available, built on the interactionswith the audience. Visit our Empty Mirror and read about stories, our peruse materialsthat have been shared. We are dedicated to remembering the events, a simpleproposition based solely on sharing knowledge. We believe in simple beginnings; contact us here or email Harold at, or evenbetter, fill out the form below. We’re waiting to hear from you.Until later.

The Cybrary Needs you to Weave an Educational Web

Brainstormwith us if you’re interested in contacting and working with a survivor who is willing to share an online presence with students nationwide.

If your browser can’t workwith forms, just email

Be sure to fill out the form and press, Let’s Try This, to get intouch with us.

Please enter your Email address:

What can we help you with, and/or what can you help us with?

Note: Once you hit send, the message has been sent. Sometimes it doesn’t clearthe form, but we will receive it.
Keep visiting, I will be including excerpts from my book soon.

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