Cybrary Learning Lab for November 1995

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We’re waiting to hear from you. Feel free to respond on the formbelow.

Welcome to November at the Cybrary. We’ve just been reviewed by NetGuide, whocalled this site one that mixes “humanity and technology in a powerful andpositive way.” We dedicate this month’s online education to your feedback, yourquestions.

The following are examples of feedback we’ve received. Let us know if we can publicize your projectsor interests. We’ll see what we can do.

Feedback on “How Dark the Heavens”

“Thank you for sharing your story online. I am often amazed at the little touchesof humanity that victims shared in their plight. I am also curious. How doessomeone like yourself who has seen men sink to such levels as the Nazis restorefaith in their fellow humans after witnessing those events? “

“Mr. Iwens,

I have been reading holocaust literature from the Internet fora while now. I am not Jewish, just a Christian that find the whole ordeal toobig to comprehend. I am married, and have two young sons with a third on theway. I cannot bear to think of my family ever going through what you wentthrough.

I just wanted to thank you for making your story available for usto read.”

Can You Help?

“I’ve started researching my mother’s history and foundthis a moving and special start. Her mother was Flora Wolfsohn, her sisterGerda Wolfsohn. They were taken from Beuthen, Germany, to Poland to Auschwitzquite early on, though my mother has no detail except she was advised of theirdeath, like so many others, officially on April 10, 1945. I would like to makecontact with other families who may have had loved ones taken from Beuthen.”

Withkind regards,


Grad Student Needs Help

“I am a 2nd Year Master’s graduate student in architecture. I am currentlylooking for any information or people to use as a sounding board for ideasrelated to my thesis. My thesis deals with how architecture can evoke or creatememories through the memorial as a building type. Anyone with suggestions pleasecontact me at:”

Richard Kremer

Can anyone help us with some more ideas? Fillout the form below.

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