Abe's Story - Garfingal walking

Garfingal and Abe Walking to Krosniewice, Late Fall 1940


3. Abe and Garfingal After Escaping Kutno

Late fall 1940- Almost a year later, the conditions in the ghetto are horrid. The Nazis will not even allow the prisoners to remove the waste and sewage.

Lice have infested the ghetto and a typhus epidemic plagues the prisoners. Abe realizes his only hope for survival is escape.

Maybe then he can also help his parents and sisters from outside the ghetto walls. With his friend, Garfingal's help, Abe bribes a guard with a watch and a rug that his sisters had hooked from sugar sacks they had found.

Abe then tells his family good-bye in a heart-wrenching scene. He is never to see his family alive again.

Abe and Garfingal successfully escape, but where is there to go? They walk to nearby Krosniewice.

At least Krosniewice has an open ghetto; there is some freedom to come and go during the day.

Abe is able to work for the Nazis and earn a little money to buy food on the black market and smuggle it in to his family in Kutno Ghetto.

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