Abe's Story Back Cover

"Important testimony." - Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and author of Night

"Powerful. Unforgettable. An inspiration for all who read it." - Pat Conroy, author of Beach Music, Prince of Tides, and The Great Santini

"An extraordinary memoir by an Auschwitz survivor, whose son rescued the manuscript from oblivion." -Dr. John Stoessinger, Trinity University, author of Might of Nations and Why Nations Go To War

"Straightforward in its telling and moving in its honesty, this is a poignant reminder of Holocaust atrocities. A worthwhile addition to adult and young collections." -Marcia Welsh, Library Journal

"The power of Abe's Story lies in the simplicity of its telling." -Michael Rose, Bookpage

"It was almost as though he was sitting here telling me the story. It is one of those books you don't want to put down." -Chris Drinkard, reader

"Joey, you have done a masterful job in bringing your father's writings to all of America. May your noble efforts serve as an example to others." -Abraham Kleinman, Attorney at Law

"Abe's Story is an incredible inspiration and gives a better sense of realness and purpose in our life." -Frank & Laurie Chambless, Native American Culturalists

"Abe's Story is a testament to the courage and innate goodness of men like your father to persevere under the most frightening and deplorable conditions ever seen in this civilized world." -Larry Crosby, Marketing Executive, WAGT-TV

"What a remarkable and wonderful man to have had for a father. We were deeply touched by your book." -Karen & Ed Levene, readers

"This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read." -Rabbi David Hachen

"Abe's Story had me teary eyed in the third chapter and crying at the end of the fourth chapter. It made me feel like I was there." -Kate Lowell, Evans Middle School student

"Reading Abe's Story helped me put my life in perspective. It literally changed my life." -Chris Kelley, reader

"Abe's Story is not only my favorite book, it is one of my most prized possessions.  -Anne Brooks, reader

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