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Interview with Jan Karski

  • Unable to Believe
    (91K file, 1 minute 30 seconds duration)
    Listen to the audio

  • Unprecedented in Human History
    (40K file, 35 seconds duration)
    Listen to the audio

  • Danger in Expressing the Reality of the Holocaust
    (40K file, 30 seconds duration)
    Listen to the audio

  • Today There Is Israel (40k file, 30 seconds duration)
    Listen to the audio

    Harold Gordon’s Audio Files

  • Put Hate on Hold (85K)
    Listen to the audio

  • Harold’s Background (55K)
    Listen to the audio

  • I Was the Youngest Survivor (100K)
    Listen to the audio

  • Leaving Grodno
    Listen to the audio, good(145K)
    Average, 80K file

  • Going to Kelbasin:
    Audio files in 5 parts
    Part 1.
    Father’s Coming

    Good, 210K file
    Average, 110K file

    Part 2.

    Good, 105K file
    Average, 55K file

    Part 3.
    Almost Caught

    Good, 100K file
    Average, 50K file

    Part 4.
    SS and Me

    Good, 180K file
    Average, 75K file

    Part 5.
    The Last Time I Saw Them

    Good, 175K file
    Average, 95K file

  • Dachau Liberation

    Liberation Part I: From Dachau (85K)
    Listen to the audio

    Liberation Part II: I’d Never Seen a Plane Before (65K)
    Listen to the audio

    Liberation Part III: “I Wish I Could Do That” (60K)
    Listen to the audio

    Liberation IV: Escape (70K)
    Listen to the audio

    Liberation: Conclusion, May 5, 1945 (85 K)
    Listen to the audio

  • Thoughts

    What is my purpose in being here today? (50K)
    Listen to the audio

    Students’ Letters (70K, one minute)
    Listen to the audio


  • Haunting Memory, a Triptych of Holocaust Photos
    Roger Beecroft calls this “mining the media for imagery”; view the pictures and his descriptions.

  • Images 1: Before The Storm
    The election of 1932, the opening of the first camp at Dachau in 1933, and a gradual political and social storm starts. Featuring the art of A. Paul Weber.

  • Images 1: It Starts
    Kristallnacht, the dehumanization of medieval symbols to be worn, more and more camps, as refugees try to flee for safety.

  • Images 2: Shoah
    Shoah, a Hebrew word for catastrophe. Images from the camps and Eastern Europe.

  • Images 2: Liberation
    What the world found: the survivors and a challenge to remember.