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Adobe Awards Social Change in Media for the Virtual Tour of Auschwitz: A Joint Project Between and Auschwitz Museum

Remember and Preserve Powerful Memories, History, and Stories of Survival is one of the most successful educational sites on the Internet reaching many people each year from every corner of the planet.

As you can see, is about hope. A hope for a better future. A hope to end the hatred and begin growing through knowledge.

We need your help to help them more. Our goal is to keep growing, to provide more oral histories, more photos, and hire several student interns to keep this site thriving. reaches millions of teachers, students, and people worldwide each year. This site is part of the curriculum of many institutions, accessed by grade schools, high schools, undergraduate, and graduate programs. It has always been free to everyone.

This site is dedicated to the memories of the survivors, and to the hope of prevention of all genocide by remembering life and survival.

One of the special projects created with donations is the Virtual Tour of Auschwitz, done with and at the Auschwitz Museum, a unique project utilizing 360º, moving photos of the main camp at Auschwitz.

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Joseph Korn


Adobe for their generous support of this site.

One World Live
History Channel
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And many others for their support.

This site is dedicated to the survivors and preserving their stories.

We have helped teachers who lack materials and funding for teaching the Holocaust. It is their efforts which are so important.

Or as CNET noted when picking this site one of the Best on the Web:

“As time passes, memory can fade. The Cybrary of the Holocaust uses art, discussion groups, photos, poems, and a wealth of facts to preserve powerful memories and to educate scholars and newcomers alike about the Holocaust…. The Cybrary is stunningly effective in its service to memory.” (2/26/97)

We need your assistance to keep this going.

Contact Joey Korn  if you would like to learn more about how you can keep the stories alive.

After all, it is not about this Web Site, it is about people. People who want the events to be remembered as they happened. It is our honor to do a small part in keeping the stories alive.


Michael Declan Dunn
Founder, a Cybrary of the Holocaust

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