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New from Meir Shapiro, A World No More

I am a survivor, and wrote a short memoir  “A World No More,” about my growing up in the exterminated Yiddish Vilna.


Also from Meir Shapiro, Images, Past and Present



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How Dark the Heavens : 1400 Days in the Grip of Nazi Terror;

Sidney Iwens; Hardcover; $18.95 (Special Order)How to
Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust : Documenting Victims, Locating Survivors (Avotaynu
;Gary Mokotoff; Paperback; $25.95

The Last Witness : The Child Survivor of the Holocaust;
Judith S. Kestenberg, Ira Brenner; Hardcover; $36.50 (Special Order)

Published by Amer Psychiatric Pr

Publication date: May 1996

Karski: How One Man Tried to
Stop the Holocaust

E. Thomas Wood, Stanislaw M. Jankowski; Hardcover; $22.46

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