Life in a Jar – The Irena Sendler Project

Irena Sendler | Life in a Jar
In a class in rural Kansas, the story of Irena Sendler became the project for a history class. Imagine what you can do with the content you have online, to research and explore stories still hiding in the dust of history.


“After unearthing some myserious details about Irena Sendler’s life, they began a large-scale project to uncover all of the work she had done to save Jewish children from Nazi concentration camps.

The students who researched her life chose to write a performance called Life in a Jar. They traveled to numerous clubs and civic groups in the community performing the play around the state of Kansas, and all over North America and in Europe.

Irena Sendler | Life in a JarThe story of Irena Sendler was unknown world-wide, even though she had received esteemed recognition from Yad Vashem in 1965 and support from the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous in New York City. Forty-five years of communism had buried her story, even in Poland. There have been a total of 328 presentations as of April 2014.” Source: The Irena Sendler Project

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