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On August 8, 1938, just a few weeks after the Nazi occupation of Austria, prisoners from the Dachau, concentration camp near Munich, were transferred to the Austrian town of Mauthausen, near Linz.



# Title Description
1 The Stairs of Death Rock staircase at the quarry.
2 The Rock Quarry The rock quarry.
3 The Parachute Jump Top of the rock quarry.
4 Then and Now: Wiener Graben The rock quarry.
5 Ghosts Rocks at the quarry.
6 The Latch Camp entrance
7 The Wailing Wall Stone wall at the entrance.
8 Window into Oblivion The camp prison.
9 The Bunker The camp prison (Bunker).
10 The Gas Chamber Gas chamber.
11 To the Gas Gas chamber.
12 A Grate into Hell. Roll Call square.
13 The Disposing of the Murdered-1 Crematorium.
14 The Disposing of the Murdered-2 Crematorium.
15 The Dissecting Table
16 It’s So Quiet Now Prisoners waiting for disinfection.
17 Franz Ziereis – the Commandant Camp Commandant from August 1939 to May 1945.
18 The Iron Spider
19 Little Ironies Life goes on.


Mauthausen Quarry
Mauthausen Quarry today