INTRODUCTION by David Notowitz for Voices of the Shoah,

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Voices of the Shoah

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The stories of those who survived are astounding. Their stories reveal the worst side of human nature. But they also show how, in this world that sometimes seems overwhelmingly permeated by evil, one person can make a difference. Sometimes, one person can save another’s life — or can choose not to. For many survivors, their most important mission now is to tell their stories, to put their energy toward preventing this from happening again, while knowing that it is happening even today and will happen in the future as well.

These stories demonstrate humanity’s potential for courage and physical, emotional, and spiritual strength, as well as humanity’s potential for cruelty, indifference, and utter evil. All humans have a specific purpose in this world. Judaism teaches us in the Talmud, a main collection of Jewish wisdom, that “Whoever saves a single soul, it is as if he had saved the entire world.” Jewish mystical tradition also teaches about a vessel that was shattered at the beginning of the world. It is the duty of humans to gather the shards to bring about the world’s redemption. This is part of what we attempted to do in Voices Of The Shoah — gather. Each time a listener is moved to action or vows to change himself or just asks, “What can I do?” — each time one says, “I’m sorry,” to another, the vessel is closer to completion.

Experience the stories that you hear in Voices. Share them with your friends, your family. Most importantly, share them with yourself.

-David Notowitz
Los Angeles, California

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