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Ground breaking
– (Rated 8 of 10)
[Notowitz understands that] “…the deep eloquence of a single human voice can serve as the most powerful testimony of all.”
“A stunning sculpture in sound”
— The Jewish Week
Audio samples from
Voices of the Shoah
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Clip 1 RealAudio OR QUICKTIME
OPEN — The beginning of Voices.
LENGTH: 2 min.

Clip 2 RealAudio OR QUICKTIME
Elliott Gould narrates the introduction.
LENGTH: 1 min., 30 sec.

Clip 3 RealAudio OR QUICKTIME
John Rauch attends Hitler’s birthday parade in Vienna.
LENGTH: 1 min., 40 sec.

Clip 4 RealAudio OR QUICKTIME
“We said, ‘They are not going to make a ghetto. No. This is the 20th century!…
Let me tell you, they did it. 160,000 Jews, surrounded by barbed wire, German machine guns, and dogs.’ “
LENGTH: 50 sec.

Clip 5
Partisan Shlomo Berger tells a dramatic story of his escape to the forests of Poland and his part in the sabotage of German military train transports..
LENGTH: 3 min.

“Remarkable and rending.”
–David Elliott, San Diego Union-Tribune
Clip 6 RealAudio OR QUICKTIME
Being liberated. First time this survivor laid down and cried. Hunting SS Germans hiding in the forest.
LENGTH: 1 min., 50 sec.

Clip 7 RealAudio OR QUICKTIME
LENGTH: Abe Cheslow, American Jewish soldier who liberated Dachau, as his tank command first enters the deathcamp.
LENGTH: 5 min., 50 sec.

Clip 8 RealAudio OR QUICKTIME
Dr. Gary Schiller, the child of Shoah survivors, talks about euthenasia, mercy killing, and it’s relation to the German policy of killing “undesireables” such as the elderly and handicapped.
LENGTH: 1 min., 20 sec.

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What is their story?
What can we learn from them?
Can we go about our daily lives without asking these questions?
Shlomo Berger, a fighter in the Polish forests during WWII.
Narrated by Elliott Gould, this audio documentary follows the voices of survivors, from their earliest memories, through the war, immigrating to America, up through today.

Voices includes interviews with survivors of the Holocaust, stories from American soldiers who liberated the camps, and astounding stories of Jews who resisted by fighting Germans as partisans, escaped, or were hidden in Europe during WWII.

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