Seminars for Educators at Yad Vashem, Israel


From: Kathryn Berman, Yad Vashem, Education Dept.

We would be very pleased if you could inform the educators who visit your site of our seminars. We hold two a year, one in Summer and one in Winter – each about 24 days long, and about 180 hrs of lectures, including field trips. These seminars are geared for educators who will teach Holocaust at their various Universities, schools, at all levels from primary to high school and also members of the clergy. We have a group of Catholic educators who join our summer seminar every year. I will send you our brochure in the post, if you E-mail me your address. Our e-mail address is Our fax number is 02-433-511. The course costs $65O, which does not include accommodation. Many of our participants are sponsored by various organizations, or their universities, or private sponsors. Thanks for your help.