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Individual Sites

  • The Holocaust Journey
    In 1985, a small group of Jews and Germans (7 adults and 4 children)traveled together in Germany and Poland to the sites of the Holocaust. Iwas a member of that group.

    The experiences and feelings were so profound, it took me 10 years tobegin writing about them. This “Journal” is a work in progress,expanding as I am able.

  • The Shoah Dream Project
    This Web Site exists to document how the Holocaust affects our dreams.
  • Auschwitz Diary by Peter Cunningham
    “I have just returned from 12 days in Poland. I went as a photographer and participant in an interfaith meditation retreat at Auschwitz organized by Roshi Bernard Glassman and his new Zen Peacemaker Order. During American Thanksgiving week a group of 150 people – Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and Sufi Muslims – gathered for meditation and discussion, to bear witness to what happened at Auschwitz 50 years ago, and to listen for the ways in which those events echo in our lives today.”
  • Ken Kronenberg’s Holocaust Translations Page
    An interesting site created by Ken Kronenberg, with translations and severalessays he has written.
  • Yonassan Gershom: Check out my website at
    I have written two books about people who beleivethey died in the Holocaust and are reincarnated.No, I’m not a new age flake. I am a Breslover Hasid.Hasidim beleive in reincarnation (gilgul ha-neshamot.)
    Reb Yonassan Gershom, USA
  • Meet Sylvia Wygoda, Chair of the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust at:
  • I-Tal-Ya Shoa Holocaust
    A page by the Jewish community in Torino, Italy, featuring many links to sites on the Web.

    For those looking to trace their family history, check these sites out:
    (also look at Tracing Our Family in the COS section)

  • Knecht Family History Page
    A site established by Morton and Alan, a surivor and his son. who researched their family tree. An example of what can be accomplished to preserve family heritage, even if you’re a child of survivors.

  • Jewish Genealogy Newsgroup: news:soc.genealogy.jewish

  • Trauma Therapy Bibliography:
    “I have written a book called Unspeakable Truths and HappyEndings: Human Cruelty and the New Trauma Therapy. The book is for survivorsof all kind of human cruelty and for their friends and family.”

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