Holocaust Sculptography Art Series by Josh C

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“krematorium-cumulus illusion”

krematorium-cumulus illusion krematorium-cumulus illusion

Location: Dachau concentration camp, Germany


Behind a long-dormant krematorium, clouds billow in the sky where ashes of the innocent once rose, creating a sinister reminder of the fate of thousands.

This larger building constructed with four ovens became necessary when the first krematorium, which had only one oven, proved inadequate. Over 10,000 were cremated in the last three months before liberation.

There were 30,000 registered deaths in the Dachau concentration camp. Additionally, thousands who were not registered were murdered in Dachau. In 1942 a gas chamber was built within the new krematorium, but inexplicably, it was never used.


Photo credit: Joshua C © 2000.

All Images are Copyright 2000 Josh C.