Holocaust Sculptography Art Series by Josh C

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“execution trench”

execution trench execution trench

Location: Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Germany


Station Z was the nickname that the SS gave to the execution site at Sachsenhausen. The name was intended to be a joke because the entrance to the camp was through Building A, which was the gate house, and Station Z was the exit from the camp for those who were executed. Station Z was also the site of the gas chamber which was added in 1943.

Anyone who was convicted of war-time sabotage or enemy activity against the state was sent to the nearest concentration camp for execution, and the first such execution after the war started in 1939 was carried out at Sachsenhausen when a Communist, who had refused to perform his assigned air raid duties in an aircraft factory, was shot. Those condemned were shot in the neck, through a hole in the wall, while they were standing in front of a wooden measuring stick to determine their height. At least 12,000 Russian POWs were executed at Station Z in the fall of 1941.


Photo credit: Joshua C © 2000.

All Images are Copyright 2000 Josh C.