The Lubaczow Partisan Survivors at Liberation

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The Lubaczow Partisan Survivors at Liberation

The partisan group

The partisan group prepared for liberation.


With Russian soldiers

Pictured with Russian soldiers on their way home to Lubaczow.



Survivors of Lubaczow.


Excerpt from Keep Yelling

‘Then, my friends,’ began the partisan, I must tell you that you are not real fighters. Real partisans fight for pockets like us. We are neither idealistic nor patriotic. How could we fight for justice if it never existed, or for peace if the whole world is covered in blood. Patriotism! Idealism! They are only dreams. Only brigandage and death exist. They are the only two laws in our code. Without death the planet would be swarming with creatures, and without brigandage, life would be boring and without meaning.’

The partisan’s words were delivered as if addressing a political rally and the crescendo had reached its peak. Moses could not help feeling that this man was no more than a common bandit; that his doubts about ever meeting up with true partisans were gaining credibility by the day. The speaker paused before recommencing in his original tone, this time whilst visibly ‘playing’ with his pistol.

‘This is the situation: you want to fight for justice and freedom, so you will stay here and be our servants, we need some!

Two other members of his group approached and were introduced by the spokesman.

‘These are the leaders of our group, Jen Wacek and Michal Tadek. The others are followers and they don’t count. You will have plenty of food to put some meat on your bones, and you will live well with us.’

Silent after realising what strange partisans these people were, Moses and his group allowed themselves to be escorted to their tents. It would have been pointless to resist. As they walked across the camp, they noticed a group of beautiful women with the bandits. Moses realised that these women were not free to move about and surmised that like him, they were prisoners.

The whole day passed with no opportunity to escape from this disastrous situation. The following morning two of the bandits arrived on motorcycles, each carrying a German soldier on the back.

‘We have some gold,’ they were telling the Germans as they entered the leader’s tent.

An hour later the partisan who had first spoken to the Jewish fugitives came to Moses’ tent and said:

‘You want to fight for justice and freedom. Now you have an opportunity to demonstrate your worth. You must kill and bury the Germans we have captured.’

Moses and his group were in no position to refuse.