Interactive Map Part 1: Moving from my hometown of Grodno, Poland

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Interactive Map Part 1: Moving from my hometown of Grodno, Poland

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Hear the Story in Harold’s Own Words

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1. From Grodno
to Kelbasin:

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Put Hate on Hold

Harold’s Background (55K)

I Was the Youngest Survivor (100K)

Leaving Grodno

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Artist's Drawing

1. Leaving Grodno

Shortly after the Nazis occupied Grodno the entire Jewish populationwhich numbered about 25,000 were rounded up, removed from their homesandwere forced to relocate in a Ghetto. Several families had to share oneapartment without running water, electricity or sanitary facilities.

In the cold of the winter we burned everything we could find, books,doors, and furniture to keep from freezing to death. All the streetswereblocked off with high walls built with bricks, stones, and cement. Theonly wayin or out was the main gate manned by SS guards.

We traded our priceless possessions, such as jewelry, clothing, andfinechina for bread, potatoes, and a chicken. At the end of one year oftorture anddegradation most people were so weak from hunger and disease that theydidnot care what happened to them. That is when the transport began. Butfirstthey were marched some eight kilometers to Kelbasin.