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What People Are Saying About The Cybrary
Reviews from our past

1998 Awards

August 1998:

multi=cultural award
USA Today Resource

CyberMom award
The CyberMom.Com

July 1998:


June 1998

Learning in Motion
Award for ease of use and Interface design.

May 1998

multi=cultural award
Multi-Cultural Pavilion Award

Recent Awards


November 1997 selection

Netrageous Results Logo Thanks to Audri and Jim Lanford for their support.

The History Channel

July 1997 selection

NetGuide Platinum Site Award, 1997

NetGuide Platinum Site

L.A. Times Pick, 1995 and 1996

L.A. Times Pick, 1995 and 1996

Dear Friends,

Our awards continue, which is important because it helps get the word out (For a lookat previous awards, click here). We hopeyou pass the word that this site is available to anyone it may help. Because of these important recognitions,we have been able to share our message with literally hundreds of thousands. Thiscyte received over one million hits again in both April and May 1998, making it one of the mostheavily trafficked Holocaust-related Web Sites. We guesstimate that we will host close to a half million visits this year…not bad for a site with no backing!

But more importantly, it helps us share these stories. We have had many great reviewsand are sharing just a few because of space. Thanksfor all the support.

Peace,Michael Declan Dunn
Cybrary of the Holocaust

Yahoo Resource

CNET’s Best of Web

“As time passes, memory can fade. The Cybrary ofthe Holocaust uses art, discussion groups,photos, poems, and a wealth of facts to preservepowerful memories and to educate scholars andnewcomers alike about the Holocaust…The Cybrary is stunningly effective in itsservice to memory.” (2/26/97)

Magellan 3 Star Site, 1996
Magellan 3 Star Site, 1996

The Library Journal gave us an excellent review in July 1996 as well.

Club Web Platinum, 1996Club Web Platinum, 1996
Wired: October 1995

Wired reviewNetGuide: November 1995

4 Stars rating by Net Guide Never Forget: Learning Lab

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