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Rywka Rybak Book Cover

Rywka Rybak
A Survivor of the Holocaust

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A recent poll done by theRoper Organization showed that 38% of adult Americans and 53% of highschool students either "didn't know" or offered incorrect answers whenasked what the term "Holocaust" refers to. A similar survey done byChicago's Spartacus College of Judaica asked high school students whatthey thought life was like in 1941 in the Warsaw Ghetto. Typicalanswers included:"No one had their own room.""Only black and white TV.""No snacks between meals.""No air conditioning." and"Only two pairs of jeans per person."This book was written in 1946, immediately after the Holocaust occurred. It is a detailed account of Rywka Rybak's experiences starting from thebeginning of the war thru the liquidation of the concentration camps. This book was lost for thirty-seven years until it was recentlyrediscovered, translated, and published with the hopes of helpingeducate people as to what life was really like during the Holocaust. The more educated we are about the atrocities of the Holocaust, the lesslikely we are to repeat it.