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NOTE FROM THE CYBRARY: In July 1999 we lost a good friend. We invite you to remember him for hisstory, and the courage he shared with us in the following article he wrote...his outreach toother Liberators can be seen in the extensive archives he inspired and helped meput online. Visit the Liberators Page at the Cybrary. From Chuck Ferree, I share this article and my own promise that I will do what I can to keep the memories alive, and to prevent such events from happening again...we will miss him at the Cybrary. Please tell a friend to remember today, because we lostone Liberator, one person who helped us all remember. Peace,
Michael Declan Dunn,
Cybrary of the HolocaustValidslov Borsky, Dickie Ferree, Valie Borsky, Chuck Ferree

From left to right:

Vladislov Borsky
Dickie Ferree
Valie Borsky
Chuck Ferree

Another Angel for God

by Charles V. Ferree

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