Ebensee- Mauthausen, Austria Commemoration: August 1997

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Ebensee- Mauthausen, Austria Commemoration: August 1997

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Thomas Vogelmann

   Among the hundreds of “Hitliar’s” (Hitler’s) blunt and ridiculous orders,was to build tunnels under the Alps in Nov. 1943 to protect the V-2 missilesfrom air attacks.

   Hitler personally ordered Albert Speer to get the job done- they had nomanpower, no machinery, etc. Himmler promised the Fuhrer that the digging under the rocks of the Alps would be done by the (weak) K.Z. Heftlinge(Human Slaves).

   Grand Rabbi M.M. Rubin was injured while digging the stones in the K.Z.Ebensee- Mauthausen, Austria.

   The Glorious American 3rd Cavalry liberated the camp on May 7, 1945, but as the American General was looking at the beautiful Alps, his humanitarianAmerican eyes turned towards the shameful mountains of human skeletons- a mixof about ten different nationalities and religions.

   The Austrians re-buried all the remains in one huge grave and erected alarge cross over it. About half the remains were Jewish!

   About nine countries erected monuments there representing their religions. Recently, Grand Rabbi M.M. Rubin obtained a permit to designate a portion ofthe grounds as a Jewish cemetery maintained according to Jewish law andcustom and to build walls at his expense.

   On August 14, 1997, a committee will visit Ebensee to finalize the plans–

For more information- call (718) 375-9292, fax (718) 375-0292

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