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How The Cybrary is Organized

cloverWelcome to the Cybrary at

The Cybrary is organized into six separate sections. We are doing our best to organizeand deliver the information you ask for. Many have requested a search capability here, but thatis beyond our economic and sleep deprivation means. So we focus on the human element, a circleof moderators who run their own section and invite your feedback. These are the six sections:

Home Page || Children of… || Imagine || Books by… || Images || Education

Cybrary of the Holocaust Home Page

Moderator: Michael Declan Dunn

Our new logo has five buttons which may be selected on the graphic itself; these buttons are the major sections within the Cybrary. Look for thesebuttons when entering a different section, and always remember to return to the home page if you get lost. The home page is where the text-based Learning Materials can be found. Here you canread Gary Grobman’s important Holocaust education program, read survivors interviews, andlearn. It is separated into three sections:

  • Facts
  • Witnesses
  • Historical Perspectives

You may also access our Links page and The Empty Mirror, our feedback sections,from the home page. We also have our guestbook for you to contact us at.

Education…A Legacy Forum

Moderator: Stuart Nichols

This new forum is a learning center of experience and research, featuring Stuart Nichols’Virtual Tour of Auschwitz, a nine part tour through 100 photographs and Stuart’s hypertext journal. This section includes bibliographies, articles donated tothe Cybrary, research, as well as Feedback for what you would like to see or share withour audience. Let Stuart know what you would like or what you have to offer. Be sureto visit this section for many new and innovative online educational efforts and shared experiences, or asStuart calls it, a community of ideas and exchange.

Children of Survivors

Moderator: Joey Korn

This amazing section was created by Joey Korn and includes:

  • Tracing Our Family: Find out how you can trace what happened to your family
  • Poetry
  • Children of Survivors Groups
  • Our Parents
  • Fateful Encounters

This section is growing with interest in second generation issues, moderated by Joey Korn, whosefather Abram Korn wrote Abe’s Story. Joey shares this book in the Books by Survivors section.

Imagine Art Gallery

Moderator: You

The Imagine Art Gallery has four sections, with almost 50 paintings and many poemsby a group of sixth graders. Their teacher, Anne Williams, shows them how imaginationis the key to learning. She uses this to help her students learn and express theirlearning experiences. One of the most moving parts of the Cybrary.

Books By Survivors

Moderators: Harold Gordon, Joey Korn, Sidney Iwens and Leon Tabory

Books by Survivors was started by Harold Gordon in July 1995 to share his book, The Last Sunrise. This section includes excerpts, pictures, stories, and a chanceto email survivors, as well as the opportunity to purchase the books and helpthe survivors share their stories. Now we have three books online:

This section develops each month and we hope to be adding more books. The entirebook, How Dark the Heavens, will eventually be put online.


Moderator: You

This section has approximately 50 photos showing how the Holocaust developed. We are interestedin putting more online but need your help. Please email if you have any picturesor ideas we can share with our audience, or let us know about links to sites that can help ouraudience learn. This section also includes Alan Jacobs pictures of Auschiwtz and Birkenau.



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