COMPLETED Search : Relatives of Anna SUK - previously SCHABLIN(ová) nee MANDLER


Anna SCHABLIN(ová) nee MANDLER born 18 April 1914 in Pobezovice Czechoslovakia
or any of the orthers mentioned below:

Father Ludvik SCHABLIN
Mother Marta SCHABLIN(ova) nee STARKEINSTEN(ová)?

The latest information we have is that after the death of Joseph (Pepik) SUK, Anna went to live with a Mr Gunther LANGEN in Florida.
Mr Langen was a one time Manager of Hotel Carrera in Santiago Chile.
Gunther LANGEN owned a hotel in a small beach resort in Chile called Rocas de Santo Domingo. That was some 40 years ago - approximately 1960

Anna's 1st Husband Husbnd Walter SCHABLIN born 7 May 1899, died 20 Feb 1944
son of František (Franz) SCHABLIN born 1 Sep 1894 died 15 Nov 1944 (in Concentration camp?) and Hilda SCHABLIN (ová) nee SCHNEIDER (ová)
Walter had two siblings :

Oskar SCHABLIN, born on 17 Oct 1887

Theodor SCHABLIN, born on 24 Sep 1889

2nd Husband Josef SUK, born 19 Jan 1914
Date of wedding: 30 Oct 1947 in Prague

Last known place of residence in 1948 Kralovska 15, Praha X,

on 18.6.1948 their registration at this address was terminated. We have no information about their whereabouts since then.

Other family members:
Rudolf SCHABLIN, born on 14.5.1903
Anton SCHABLIN, born on 14.5.1905
Elsa SCHABLIN (ova), born on 15.10.1901, her husband was Pavel MENDEL

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