COMPLETED Search : Ferri (Ferdinand or FÚrencz) MAY

we are NO LONGER searching for Ferri (Ferdinand or FÚrencz) MAY .

His brother was killed during the Normandy invasion of World War 2, serving in the British Army.

He arrived in England shortly before the war. He had left his country with his parents (Robert and Helena MAY) and a brother just before the Anschlu▀ oc Czechoslovakia by the Nazis, therefore probably in 1937.

Ferri was born in 1925 and lived in Moravia, in the town of Stare Mesto na Morave, (now in the Czech Republic). He left his country with his parents (Robert and Helena) and brother just before the Anschlu▀, therefore probably in 1937.

Ferri MAY also served in the British Army.

We have been informed that the MAY family was well off and that they made a substantial financial donation to the British Government, in consequence of which the family was honoured with a title.
Unfortunately we do not know in what form this was.

Would you know anyone, anywhere, whom we should contact in our effort to locate anyone related to this family? Does any of this information mean something to you?

We would be grateful for any guidance you can give us

Please e-mail us at searchandunite [AT] lewinsdlondon [DOT] org [DOT] uk if you can help in any way

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